Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What A Golden Beak…

In my Art History class we are currently studying Goya and his series of plates entitled Los Caprichos. Some of the art is interesting, but I have enjoyed the little thought provoking captions below each print more. Anyway I thought I would share these with you on a regular basis and my own interpretation on how I feel regarding them in today's society.

Plate #53

This looks a bit like an academic meeting. Perhaps the parrot is speaking about medicine? However, don't believe a word he says. There is many a doctor who has a "golden beak" when he is talking, but when he comes to prescriptions, he's a Herod; he can ramble on about pains, but can't cure them: he makes fools of sick people and fills the cemeteries with skulls.

During the next few months we will be listening to "parrots" in presidential debates. Sometimes they will use their "golden beak" to persuade you to vote one way or the other. In the past, I never had to pay so much attention as I do now. Not being happy with either of the candidates makes this election so much more difficult especially at a time when our nation is struggling through an economic crisis. I hope that if you vote you are educated enough to make the right decision and choose the parrot that can cure the pains…

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